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Duties and Responsibilities:

The essential duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

·  Maintain store conditions per company standards to improve profitability. 

·  Maximize store sales through ongoing improvement in long-term sales trends, average

    order size and average item value.

·  Develop and maintain a team concept to improve associate morale, communication,

    union relations and overall working conditions.

·  Maximize store profits and gross profit margins by focusing on the store’s contribution

    line vs. plan and actual vs. projected margins.

·  Maintain customer service levels according to company standards and Wakefern’s

    CSM measurement. 

·  Comply with company and governmental sanitation standards through cooperation

    with governmental inspectors, Wakefern’s Quality Assurance Inspectors and

    compliance with OSHA standards.

·  Establish and maintain a working relationship with all support staff, supervisors and


·  Maintain proper inventory levels and controls through proper ordering practices,

    controlling store shrink and availability of product for sale to customers.

·  Support the recruitment, development and training of all employees and

    identify potential promotable associates.

·  Manage others and adhere to company human resources and personnel policies and

    procedures as well as state and federal labor laws. 

·  Implement operational standards. 

·  Develop and execute merchandising plan weekly to mirror company advertising

    themes and programs. 

·  Insure the proper maintenance and safe usage of equipment and control maintenance


·  Maintain an effective buy in program through ongoing usage of the buy in sheets and

    shrink reduction.

·  Maintain an ongoing awareness of competitive activity in the immediate marketing


·  Demonstrate and support a style of high-level integrity and “LIVE THE VISION”.

·  Ensure proper usage compliance and handling of all supplies.



·  Observe all store rules and company policies.

·  Comply with company grooming and dress standards.

·  Adhere to all local, state, and federal health and civil code regulations.

·  Comply with all safety and security policies and procedures.

·  Maintain good communications both up and down the organization.



·  Familiarity and willingness to comply with all company policies pertaining to the

    position, including punctual and reliable attendance.

·  The ability to read, interpret, analyze and understand the English language with

    sufficient proficiency.

·  Facility in working with computers and programs such as Word, Excel, etc.

·  The ability to perform all duties and responsibilities in an efficient and satisfactory

    manner that meets minimum standards for productivity, accuracy, cleanliness and



Physical Requirements:

·  Possess sufficient physical mobility and agility to respond quickly to fire, Code Adam

    and other emergencies.

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