Location: Minot CaringEdge, ND

Electronic Consent for Prospects

We need your authorization in order to present notices, disclosures, or other documents electronically, and to use electronic signatures, in connection with this process to collect your information. You have the right to receive such disclosures and give your consent or authorization on paper instead of electronically. If you agree to engage in electronic transactions but change your mind later, you may withdraw your consent at any time by notifying the hiring manager or person in charge at this location. You can also use this procedure to update your contact information. If you decide to withdraw your consent to engage in electronic transactions, you will have to sign a corresponding paper authorization or consent form as needed to continue with the process.
*I understand that any consent given here applies only to the electronic transactions related to this process, and that I can access the electronic records by contacting Edgewood. I further understand that I may request a paper copy of any consent or authorization I give electronically. I may receive such paper copies at no cost within the next 60 days by contacting Cadient Talent at applicantsupport@cadienttalent.com.

I understand that this does not constitute an application for employment, but rather is only a submission of interest. Additionally, I understand, should Edgewood show interest in moving forward with me as a candidate for an available position, I will be required to complete a more in-depth application process.

*To be consistent with privacy laws, we would like you to review key points of Cadient Talent's privacy policy, as we collect employment-related information on behalf of Edgewood. We are required to obtain your consent to process your personal data.
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