Job Description


As a Warehouse Receiver and Order Picker you are responsible for the daily receiving of all company products or the picking of product for the stores under the direction of the Warehouse Manager. Here your manager will direct and schedule you in accordance with that days workload. You will be required to count all products delivered along with the driver in ensure all products are received correctly. All paperwork, when completed, must be then handed into the warehouse office. Received product will then be required to be placed appropriately in the warehouse in the required bins. As an Order Picker you will be required to manually pick products as directed by the company’s automatic computer-generated order picking ticket. After you have picked the order you will then be required to manually load this product into an outbound truck and/or trailer.



Job Qualifications:
• Must have the desire and ability to work in a warehouse environment
• Must be willing, and have the ability to, to operate all warehouse related equipment
• Valid Drivers License with a clean record. Forklift license a plus.

Education Requirements:
• High School diploma or equivalent
• Company specific training and all related items

Essential Job Functions:
• Safe operation of all warehouse related equipment
• Read computer-generated pick-tickets
• Perform daily repetitive tasks
• Operate independently and as a team member
• Perform Inventory Control Accurately
• Operate safely and to ensure all others perform as listed below
• Fulfill Company Philosophy and Goals

Non-Essential Job Functions:
• Daily Accounting
• Paperwork – pick-tickets, inventory and all related reports
• Housekeeping, maintained daily.
• Restrict and control the use of company property for personal use to include, vehicles, phones, computers, etc.
• Restrict and control any and all horseplay