Member Service Assistant

Job Description


Description of position:
Actively greets members, verifies membership card and keeps entry counts. Provides high level of member service and performs warehouse safety and security checks on foot and using personal vehicle. Checks member receipts at exit and thanks member.

Daily tasks and responsibilities:

  • Conducts hourly warehouse safety and security checks. Walks the warehouse and perimeter. Corrects safety and security problems encountered, such as spills, trip hazards and blocked exits. Fills out the inspection forms and shows results to the duty manager. Attends warehouse safety meetings.
  • Welcomes members entering the warehouse. Approaches, smiles and makes eye contact and greets. Verifies membership card.  Offers cart if necessary. Keeps entrance/exit area clean.
  • Clicks a handheld counter to count members entering the warehouse. Reports half-hourly counts to Front End and records counts on weekly reports.
  • Monitors warehouse access. Reports arrival of armored transport vehicle to duty manager. Discretely observes armored deposit pick up, jewelry and register drawer set up and pick-up while holding panic button. Checks backpacks, lunch pails, briefcases, strollers, etc., at exit. Plug in the electric scooters as they return.
  • Greets exiting member. Checks accuracy and validity of member’s receipts and compares to merchandise. Arranges speedy assistance for any member correction or concern. Marks receipt with highlighter, thanks member.
  • Provides and arranges prompt and courteous member service. Directs members to product and service locations. Enlists assistance for loading, shopping, etc. Dries off wet carts.
  • Watches after hours exit door discretely from personal vehicle and reports door area status by 2-way radio before doors can be opened for employees. Drives warehouse perimeter in personal vehicle for security checks. Watches closing managers leave.  Reports suspicious activity to duty manager and calls police if necessary.

Non-Essential Functions and Tasks:

  • Assists in other areas of the warehouse as necessary.

Qualifications (Costco-specific or industry-specific skills that candidates must possess):

  • Education/Training :  High School Diploma or GED preferred.
  • Licenses/Certifications :  Valid Driver's License and vehicle required.
  • Experience:  None.
  • Knowledge/Skills:  None.
  • Other:         

Knowledge and talents recommended for job success:
NOTE: For postings in Quebec locations, candidates must be able to communicate in French (oral and written).