Cake Decorator

Job Description


Description of position:
Frosts and fills cakes using a spatula, decorates and writes messages on cakes using pastry bags and tips, and boxes cakes for sales stock and special order.

Daily tasks and responsibilities:

  • Slices half-sheet cakes by hand using 16” knife or with slicing machine. Places on pre-cut cardboard cake pad for handling.
  • Applies filling between layers and frosts using spatula. Garnishes cakes by hand. Fills pastry bags by scooping mixed frostings from bowls or buckets.
  • Squeezes and twists frosting-filled pastry bags with various tips attached. Creates borders, figures and writing per Costco formulas, patterns and department production procedures. Follows standards for quality and consistency of finished product.
  • Reads member special orders to determine appropriate flavors, colors, decorative pattern and personalized writing for cakes.  Telephones member if instructions are unclear.
  • Removes cheesecakes from baking pans, places on cake pad. Applies topping with spatula. Garnishes per Costco formulas.
  • Uses whipping cream machine.
  • Slices fresh fruit for application to baked product.
  • Assembles pre-cut, cardboard cake boxes. Boxes cakes and places on large wheeled rack.  Transfers rack to cooler, freezer, or wrapping area.
  • Keeps decorating area clean and clear of debris. Follows safety and security procedures.
  • Assists with other bakery duties as needed.
  • Provides prompt and courteous member service.


Non-Essential Functions and Tasks:

  • Assists in other areas of the warehouse as necessary.

Qualifications (Costco-specific or industry-specific skills that candidates must possess):

  • Education/Training: High School Diploma or GED preferred.
  • Licenses/Certifications: Food Safety Certification - Level 1 required first day in the position.
  • Experience: Candidates with cake decorating experience will be given preference over other candidates.
  • Knowledge/Skills:  None.
  • Other:         

Knowledge and talents recommended for job success:
NOTE: For postings in Quebec locations, candidates must be able to communicate in French (oral and written).