CHARLOTTESVILLE - Director of Nursing AL

Location: Charlottesville, VA (1250 Branchlands Drive)

Job Description


Linden House Assisted Living is a brand new, 82 apartment facility in Charlottesville, VA to include Assisted Living residents as well as Memory Care.

As our Wellness Director you will be responsible for directing and managing health care services within the community to ensure optimum quality of care (health and safety) and quality of life for all residents.

Management Responsibilities

  • Supervises performance and behavior of staff holding them accountable for care-giving practices, job performance, customer service, record-keeping, dress code standards, attendance, policy compliance, etc. 
  • Provides “on the spot” training, guidance, coaching and counseling as needed to correct and improve staff performance including regular performance appraisals.
  • As necessary to correct improper job performance and/or behavior of staff, implements formal corrective action in compliance with established policy.   Included may be suspending a staff member and gathering / recording information regarding circumstances that lead to suspension.   
  • Participates in the interview process and selects or makes recommendations for selection of staff for department or unit of responsibility.
  • Collaborates with immediate supervisor to develop annual operating and capital budgets. 
  • Reviews employee time records to ensure compliance with labor budget and to address staff non-compliance with time-keeping requirements (like “punching in and out” appropriately).
  • Uses sound professional judgment to appropriately advise immediate supervisor or Executive Director of non-routine occurrences or issues.   

Other duties and responsibilities

  • Performs assessments of residents being considered for admission to confirm suitability within the scope of services offered.   
  • Implements systems and processes to ensure compliance with State ALF regulations regarding the provision of health care services.  
  • Ensures timely and accurate completion of Uniform Assessment Instruments (UAIs) and other required assessments in accordance with State regulations and facility policy.
  • Ensures that services to prevent clinically avoidable complications are provided, including but not limited to pressure ulcer development or worsening of an ulcer, contracture, loss of continence, dehydration, malnutrition. 
  • Provides guidance and oversight to the provision of clinically complex services such as gastric tube feeding. Collaborates with licensed therapy provider(s) to ensure that all restorative care and rehabilitative service needs of the residents are met. 
  • Develops or collaborates with other clinical professionals to develop a written medication management plan to address procedures for administering medication.  Makes changes as necessary and submits changes to Executive Director for ED’s submission to Virginia DSS for approval.     
  • Monitors compliance with the facility’s medication management plan and the maintenance of required medication reference manuals.   
  • Monitors infection control measures, identifies areas of non-compliance, and develops/implements action plan for improvement.
  • Ensures that residents with assessed need for mental health services has access to appropriate services and treatment based on the resident’s current evaluation. 
  • Regularly monitors skill and performance of Registered Medication Aides to ensure competence.  Provides additional or remedial training as needed or makes provisions for such training.    
  • Ensures that comprehensive medication review of each resident is conducted every 6 months by a qualified clinician.
  • Coordinates nursing services with other resident care services such as rehabilitation, dining, and activity services as well as external disciplines such as Pharmacy and Laboratory representatives to help ensure that each resident’s specialized care needs are met. 
  • Oversees coordination and appropriate utilization of on-site physician clinic space. 
  • Makes daily rounds on resident floors or delegates this duty to another licensed nurse.
  • Prepares and communicates work schedules for direct care staff in Assisted Living.  
  • In the absence of the Executive Director, serves as the top facility leader and decision-maker.                     





  • Must be a Licensed Registered Nurse in the state of Virginia or compact state.
  • At least 2 years of experience in a supervisory role as a health care professional in an adult residential facility, adult day care center, acute care facility, nursing home, or licensed home care or hospice organization.

Other Essential Requirements:

  • As part of its mission to provide a welcoming, homelike environment for its residents, Linden House promotes the use of animals as pets in the facility both as common facility pets and as pets owned and brought in by individual residents.  All employees must possess the ability and desire to work in a pet-friendly environment which will include performing job duties in the presence of pets, handling and caring for pets as may be required, and cleaning up after pets as necessary.