Camp Seymour Summer Onsite Camp Nurse

Job Description


Starting Wage: $325-400/week, depending on qualifications, position includes room and board

Date of Employment:  June 8 – August 22, 2020


Would you like to change lives by providing an amazing experience for every camper? At Camp Seymour you get to teach kids self-reliance, a love for nature and the outdoors, and the development of attitudes and practices that build character and leadership – all amidst the fun of camp fires, canoeing, archery, talent shows, and meaningful relationships.

If hired for this position you will run the healthcare program and health center operations. You will help maintain a safe, healthy camp environment using preventative health care and risk management techniques. Review health histories, dispense personal medication, and provide first aid and medical care to all campers and staff in accordance with camp medical protocols.

You will spend your days outside laughing, talking, and participating in camp activities. By the end of the summer you will be the adult role model who encourages creativity, instills confidence, self-esteem, a life of adventure, and a sense of belonging. 

In this position you will be able to use your skills to:

  • Build Relationships:
    • Establish contact with our overseeing doctor and maintain open communication with him or her.
    • Establish and maintain clear phone, and in person, communication with parents regarding campers’ health.
    • Communicate health, allergy, or behavioral concerns to Camp Director, unit leaders and Staff as appropriate.
  • Provide quality results:
    • Maintain a clean, professional, and organized Health Center and camper patient room; sharing the responsibility of 24 hour health hut Coverage with other Health Care Staff.
    • Coordinate and supervise Health Center check in/out: medication intake, lice checks and health screening.
    • Review and maintain all medications and health forms at check in and thereafter. 
  • Make Great Decisions:
    • Be accessible and available to staff; let staff (post) know where to find you.
    • Be on call with a radio during the night for overnight campout assistance.



Are you a good fit?

  • I have a current RN or NP, or will have by June 10.
  • I have practical knowledge of the organization and distribution of medications, pediatric care.
  • I have integrity, patience, adaptability, a sense of humor, enthusiasm, and a commitment to serve youth. 
  • I have current CPR and AED through the duration of the season.
  • I want to make the difference in the life of a child this summer.