Camp Lake Helena Day Camp Coordinator

Job Description


Dates of Employment:  April 15 – September 2
Starting Rate:  $14.67+ per hour
Location:  Camp Lake Helena


Ignite your Passion, Live the Y Cause

Join us for a new and exciting adventure as we open for our inaugural summer at YMCA Camp Lake Helena! At summer camp you get to dress up, sing songs, participate in arts & crafts, swimming, Gaga, and fun games and activities all while making a huge impact on local children as you act as a role model and help them achieve personal growth. 

If hired for this position you will assist the program director in planning the BEST SUMMER EVER by creating themed activities, assisting in recruiting, hiring, and training camp staff, monitoring the camp budget, providing excellent customer service to parents and campers, and visiting all camp programs to make sure they are meeting the highest level of quality.

By the end of the summer you will have great skills in program development, know lyrics to crazy camp songs, trivia to amaze your friends, have the ability to speak to anyone about anything, an outfit for every imaginable themed event, an AWESOME camp T-shirt, and an excellent tan. 

In this position you will be able to use your skills to:

·      Develop staff and campers to their fullest potential:

  • Provide support and new ideas to camp staff so they aren’t playing duck duck goose every single day
  • Make sure staff are recognized and feel appreciated for their hard work
  • Make sure staff know how important they are
  • Help campers try something new and get out of their comfort zone

·      Make great decisions:

  • Create a plan for everything that could possibly go wrong
  • Support staff and help them grow in their positions by talking with them through decisions

·      Provide quality results by:

  • Visit all of the camp programs and provide feedback for instructors
  • Provide excellent communication to membership staff, parents, campers, and camp staff
  • Follow up with parents who provide feedback on summer surveys

·      Be innovative

  • Make camp fun by thinking outside of the box and trying new things
  • Observe staff in action and offer them new programming idea.
  • Think on your feet!  If something isn’t working – change it!!   



Are you a good fit?

  • I am at least 21 years old
  •  I have worked at least one summer in day camp
  •  I am comfortable in front of a group of people
  •  I am detail oriented and love to organize things 
  •  I am empathetic and good at taking care of people
  •  I am full of energy and can be ‘on’ all day long
  •  I am great at building teams and keeping people motivated