Camp Lake Helena Day Camp Activity Instructor

Job Description


Dates of Employment:  June 1 – September 1 (exact dates will be communicated during the hiring process based on location)
Starting Rate:  $13.50+ per hour
Location:  Camp Lake Helena

Ignite your Passion, Live the Y Cause

Join us for a new and exciting adventure as we open for our inaugural summer at YMCA Camp Lake Helena! At summer camp you get to share your passion for sports or arts or archery or aquatics, all while making a huge impact on local children as you act as a role model and help them achieve personal growth.  

If hired for this position you will be in charge of teaching classes in an area where you are an expert:  sports, arts, archery, and aquatics.  You will work with a program director to develop lesson plans and then fine tune your skills as an instructor as you lead campers through a variety of activities.  

By the end of the summer you will truly be an expert in your chosen area of expertise, you will fine tune your skills as an instructor, you will own an AWESOME camp T-shirt, and have an excellent tan.  Whether your passion is teaching campers to cook, paint, or dance, to swim, to throw a football, or stick a landing in gymnastics, you will have a great time sharing your passion with our campers. 


In this position you will be able to use your skills to:

  • Build relationships:
    • Remember every campers’ name and make them feel special when they get to camp
    • Meet your campers at their skill level, push them out of their comfort zone, and help them achieve their goals
  • Make great decisions:
    • Plan great programs and provide age and skill level appropriate modifications
    • Be very intentional about using teachable moments to enforce Y values
  • Provide quality results by:
    • Make sure campers are setting and reaching their individual goals
    • Be open to feedback on how to become a better instructor
    • Follow quality standards for program development and delivery
  • Be innovative:
    • Create a new and fun way to do traditional activities
    • Make changes to keep things fun and exciting
    • Think outside of the box; don’t’ be afraid to try something new and different
    • Be able to stray from a plan to provide your campers the best experience   



Are you a good fit?

  •  I am at least 20 years old
  •  I have experience creating and following a lesson plan
  •  I enjoy teaching children of all ages
  •  I want to learn to be a better teacher