Medical Administrative Assistant (Contract)


Date Posted:
4000 Justice Way
Castle Rock
United States of America



Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Required:

  • Knowledge of the physical and operational characteristics of radiological equipment.
  • Knowledge of accreditation and certification requirements and standards.
  • Ability to safely lift, and physically manipulate patients.
  • Knowledge of x-ray principles, procedures and standards.
  • Ability to read, understands, follow and enforce safety procedures.
  • Ability to calibrate, configure and adjust x-ray equipment and associated facilities and devices in accordance with procedures and standards.
  • Knowledge of appropriate x-ray exposure times and safety parameters.
  • Ability to communicate technical information to non-technical personnel.
  • Knowledge of photographic development techniques.
  • Knowledge of various techniques in collecting specimens.
  • Knowledge in determining most appropriate site to obtain specimens.
  • Ability to make administrative/procedural decisions and judgments.
  • Knowledge of sterile procedures.
  • Ability to observe, assess, and record symptoms, reactions, and progress.

Educational and Experience Requirements:

  • One year experience in drawing blood specimens;
  • OR any equivalent combination of education and/or experience from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved.
  • Current CPR certification
  • Other relevant professional experiences or educational backgrounds will be considered as deemed appropriate. However, when licensure is required by local, state, federal, or contractual guidelines, we will not alter our position on those requirements.

Working Conditions and Physical Effort:

  • Work is performed in an interior medical/clinical environment.
  • Moderate physical activity.
  • Work environment involves exposure to potentially dangerous materials and situations that require following extensive safety precautions and may include the use of protective equipment.



Temporary Contract: Minimum 6 week Contract 

Medical Administrative Duties as well as Medical Assisting

Job Summary:

Under general supervision, collects blood/urine/tissue specimens for use by Clinicians and/or Medical Technologists for clinical analyses, evaluations and/or diagnostic purposes.

Essential Functions:

  • Prepare room, calibrate equipment and prepare medicine and materials as needed for patients undergoing procedures; clean and disinfect room and equipment.
  • Prepare patient for procedures; explain procedures, transfer patients to equipment, positions patients as appropriate to the specific procedure, and assists patient at the end of procedures.
  • Draws/collects blood urine/tissue specimens from patients by using finger stick, heel stick and/or venipuncture and other cultures as ordered by appropriate clinicians.
  • Labels specimens for identification purposes and enters specimen data into computer.
  • Maintains appropriate filing system for patient information.
  • Reports lab results sent from reference laboratory into patient record and to appropriate medical personnel.
  • Maintain stock supplies and assists administrators in determining quantities to purchase; perform general office duties such as delivering and retrieving film, recording procedure codes, typing forms, and scheduling patients.
  • Ensure proper care in the use and maintenance of equipment and supplies; promote continuous improvement of workplace safety and environmental practices.
  • Will adhere to Armor’s Standards of Professional Conduct, and will incorporate and/or be supportive of Armor’s four core FISH! Philosophies – i.e. Play, Be There, Make Their Day and Choose Your Attitude.
  • Respond to requests from Security Staff as well as Armor Staff in accordance with Armor and Facility Guidelines.  This includes following the rules and regulations for employee conduct/behavior and chain of command set forth by the command staff at all times while working within the detention/correctional facility.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned.