Gas station attendant

Job Description


Description of position

Primarily deliver member service and ensure safety of the gas station area. Perform equipment maintenance as scheduled.

Daily tasks and responsibilities

  • Welcomes, helps and informs members as needed. Directs traffic.
  • Cleans gas spills using neutralizing agent and/or absorbing cloth; disposes of material properly.
  • Notifies management regarding defective equipment.
  • Cleans station, including dispensers, data hut, spill buckets, islands, pavement and trash as needed.
  • Loads pump receipt tape.
  • Performs daily inspection of all equipment.
  • Performs weekly gasoline samples/paste tests and measures nozzle flow timing weekly.
  • Uses Google drive for various gasoline reports.
  • Reconciles gasoline inventory daily.
  • Researches area competitive pricing using an online tool or private vehicle; keys report into computer daily.
  • Monitors fuel deliveries, cleaning additive deliveries, and signs delivery receipts.
  • Dispenses additive into underground fuel tank prior to fuel delivery using additive controller or manual pump.
  • Enforces national fire codes and other governing agency and Costco safety policies (e.g., no smoking, ignition turned off, filling storage containers). Responds to alarms appropriately. Uses fire extinguisher if necessary.

Non-essential functions and tasks

  • Assists in other areas of the warehouse as necessary.

Typical schedule

 Typical shifts and days off will be discussed at the time of the interview.

Qualifications (Costco-specific or industry-specific skills that candidates must possess)

  • Education/Training:

High School Diploma or GED preferred.

  • Permits/Licenses/Certifications:

Fire Safety Certification as required by local or provincial government.

  • Experience:     


  • Knowledge/Skills:


Knowledge and talents recommended for job success

For postings in Quebec locations, candidates must be able to communicate in French (oral and written).