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A Patient Home Caregiver is a person who carries out personal care tasks and also provides assistance with personal hygiene, housekeeping and other related supportive tasks for a patient with healthcare needs in his/her home.

Duties and Responsibilities: Assists with or provides personal care duties as assigned by the Program Coordinator according to the plan. Personal care duties may include.

· Taking and recording temperature, pulse, respiration when advised and reports all variations from normal.

· Assisting the client in bathing in bed, in tub, and in shower.

· Assisting the client with care of teeth and mouth.

· Assisting the client with grooming, care of hair, including shampoo and shaving.

· Assisting the client with ordinary care of nails (no cutting).

· Assisting the client on and off bedpan, commode, and toilet.

· Assisting the client in moving from bed to chair or wheelchair and in walking with a cane or walker.

· Assisting the client with eating,

· Preparing and serving meals according to instructions.

· Assisting the client with dressing.

· With guidance from the Program Coordinator, arranges a schedule so that the patient follows medical recommendations such as increased physical activity and taking their own medication.

· Reminding his/her patient to take his or her own medications only as directed by the Program Coordinator.

· Making and changing the client’s bed.

· Dusting and vacuuming the rooms that the client uses.

· Washing the client’s dishes.

· Tidying the client’s kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and personal environment.
· Making a list of needed supplies.

· Washing the client’s personal laundry if no family member is available or able, including ironing.

· Sending client’s linen to laundry if necessary.

· Reporting any adverse, serious and or sentinel events, incidents, accidents, and/or client complaints including and not limited to situations involving medical device(s) immediately to the Program Coordinator.

· Caring for patients that are incontinent.

· Assisting the patient in changing position to prevent pressure ulcers (bed sores).

Other activities as taught by a Health professional include:

· Maintaining records such as instructed by the Program Coordinator.

· Performing other pertinent care functions as assigned and demonstrated by the Program Coordinator.

· Safely accompanying a client to obtain medical care (does not drive).

· Demonstrating appropriate preventive skin care techniques.

· Recording all pertinent information on the aide plan of care, and time cards in an appropriate manner.

· Demonstrating the ability to communicate effectively with the client and his/her family members.

· Demonstrating the ability to communicate effectively with other members of healthcare team and staff of the agency. Adhering to universal precautions, aseptic techniques, and infection control guidelines.

· Seeks, accepts, and implements suggestions to improve performance.

· Demonstrating respect for opinions of others.

· Maintaining confidentiality of client observations and records.

· Utilizing time effectively, maintaining a consistent level of productivity.

· Completing the continuing education requirements (12) hours.

· Complying with standards for attendance, absence, notification and punctuality.

· Demonstrating professionalism through appearance, performance and communication.

· Assuming responsibility for reading and comprehending all posted notices, communications, and policies and procedures related to NA'S.

· Demonstrating competencies to provide care to patients of all ages.

· Respectful of the rights, privacy and property of others at all times.

Minimum Requirements

  • Valid Texas Drivers License, required.