Financial Analyst I/II (Anchorage) Job #21-6325


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Corporate Values:  Integrity, Respectful, Leadership, Sustainable



Position Summary:  Under the direction of the Senior Finance Officer this position prepares, analyzes and maintains a variety of reports used in assessing and reporting the status of programs, operations and debt issues of the Corporation.      


Reports to:  Senior Finance Officer/Finance Director    




The incumbent shares a variety of significant responsibilities utilizing financial and cash-flow analysis.  These analyses are detailed and complex, require the use of the mid-range and micro-computer systems and are generally subject to strict deadlines for completion. Contact with varied members of the financial community on a daily basis is required.  The incumbent also assists in the maintenance and verification of the Corporation's Statistical Abstract, Statistical Abstract Supplemental Report and the Monthly Operational Overview Report.


SUPERVISION RECEIVED AND EXERCISED:  Non-exempt, non-supervisory.


Examples of Duties

Assists in the maintenance and verification of the accuracy of certain financial management reports including the Bond and Mortgage Loan Information booklet and the Statistical Abstract, Statistical Abstract Supplemental Report and the Monthly Operational Overview Report.


Updates the Unused Letter of Credit and Liquidity Facility Amounts schedule.


Determines, with appropriate bond trustee, the amount of excess funds available for special mandatory redemptions.


Calculates mortgage loan pool prepayment speeds by bond issue to assist staff and underwriters in structuring Corporation Debt issues and assisting potential creditors in investment decisions.


Prepares monthly cash flows, pledged revenue recertification and debt issue budgets as required by existing financial covenants for outstanding debt issues of the Corporation.


Prepares and analyzes, as requested, a variety of information where the compilation and review of such information requires technical and analytical skills.


Applies knowledge of analysis, compilation, information processing, financial modeling, and computer applications to other operational areas within the Corporation.


Reviews and selects, or coordinates development of, various financial modeling software to be used in connection with analytic procedures, preparation of forecasts, or presentation of information.


Assists in the preparation of various summaries of significant terms of bond obligations and other financial agreements for reference by other staff members.


Maintains a variety of information related to programs of the Corporation and economic factors influenced by or affecting such programs.  Formats information in a manner easily comprehended and evaluated.


Responds to inquiries by investors, traders, rating agencies, providers of credit enhancement and analysts for information as to the status or performance of the bond and note issues outstanding.


Maintains a number of bond and mortgage loan related reports for distribution to investors, dealers and financial analysts and assists in the preparation of the footnotes to the Corporation's Financial Statements.


Calculates feasibility of AHFC to execute open-market purchases of its own bonds for retirement as market conditions and Bond Indenture requirements permit.


Assist the Finance Officer in investment of monies from bond sales until such monies are required for the purchase of mortgage-backed securities and in the investment of pledged revenues for such bond issues.


Assists in the management of a significant portfolio of trusted funds as a separate investment activity in the area of Financial Management by using the Sympro software package.


Uses the Sympro software package to verify compliance with the Investment Policies of AHFC.  Uses the system to monitor required investment agreement deposits, the amount of overnight sweep funds, uninvested cash amounts and generate customized reporting for the reviewing of AHFC's portfolio investments.


Verifies collateral held by third party custodians on behalf of AHFC deposits and investments.


Summarizes and verifies the accuracy of certain financial management reports.  Develops, maintains and prepares periodic reports to senior management regarding interest rate levels within various capital markets of interest to the Corporation.


Expected to cross-train with other staff to achieve an overlap of familiarity among responsibilities for operational continuity.


Other duties as required.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Knowledge of:  Economics, finance, accounting, financial instruments, municipal finance, real estate and mortgage lending.


Skills and Abilities: Capabilities and operations of micro-computing and mid-range computing systems; creating personal computer based models and applying them to complex financial analyses.


Ability to:  Assimilate and analyze information and make recommendations concerning financial matters in assigned areas of responsibility.  Interpret financial covenants of the Corporation within Indentures, Credit Enhancement Agreements and other related documents.  Work on multiple projects requiring a high degree of accuracy subject to strict deadlines.  Plan and organize projects as well as the ability to see them through to completion.  Communicate and interact with a wide variety of personnel at all levels.

Minimum Requirements



Minimum Qualifications:

Graduation from an accredited college with major course emphasis in business administration, accounting, finance, computer science or closely related field AND one year of professional experience in the collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting of financial, economic, scientific or social science data or accounting, banking or related field. 


Extensive knowledge of personal computer systems hardware and software with particular emphasis on spreadsheet and database applications


Substitution:  Graduate study in an appropriate field or professional accreditation may be substituted for the required work experience on a year-for-year basis.  Work experience in finance, economics, banking, research, accounting or a related field may be substituted for the required college experience on a year-for-year basis.


This is a level 18/20/21 (DOE) position with an annual salary of $ 59,220.00 - $72,468.48 (DOE) (26 pay periods).  Excellent benefits package.


All external applicants tentatively selected for this position will be required to submit to urinalysis and breath alcohol testing to screen for illegal drug/alcohol use.


A complete job description and online application may be obtained from the website at new AHFC application must be submitted for each position (a resume may be attached). 







AHFC provides employment opportunities to low and very-low income persons, in compliance with Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968. Public Housing Residents are encouraged to apply.