Database Administrator I-IV (DOE) (Anchorage) Job#21-6347


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United States of America




Corporate Values:  Integrity, Respectful, Leadership, Sustainable


Position Summary:  Under supervision and direction of the Infrastructure & Development Officer, the Database Administrator I-IV designs, develops, troubleshoots & supports DMBS activities across a variety of AHFC applications.






Maintains the integrity, availability, security, and efficiency of databases.  Resolves complex and often conflicting agency requirements.


SUPERVISION RECEIVED AND EXERCISED:  Exempt, non-supervisory position.


Examples of Duties

  • Support, optimize, secure & analyze problems with DBMS schema that may be part of a vendor supplied or in-house application stack.


  • Develop methods for secure data exchange between different DBMS that may be part of a vendor supplied or in-house application stack.


  • Develop DBMS schema that follow modern design principles & are implemented using secure, flexible & scalable methodologies.


  • Develop new DBMS schema to replace legacy as needed.


  • Develop & maintain DBMS physical structure and functional capabilities, database security, data back-up, and recovery specifications.


  • Develop & maintain a consistent, high quality, customer focused approach when interacting with AHFC's business partners, clients & customers; other AHFC departments.


  • Develop working knowledge of AHFC business practices & processes as well as understanding its goals as a corporation.


  • Performs workflow analysis, process mapping, documentation, and workflow implementation.


Other duties as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Knowledge of: 

  • Modern DBMS integration patterns that allow disparate applications (vendor supplied & in-house) to exchange data in a secure & efficient manner.


  • Modern DBMS design patterns that focus on rapid development, but still ensure separation between application & database context, in relation to data access.


  • Modern DMBS design patterns that facilitate high availability.


  • Modern DBMS design patterns that facilitate “Continuous Delivery” development pipelines.


  • Understanding of modern trends in technology such as virtualization of servers, networking and storage.


  • Understanding of modern software development process lifecycles, such as AGILE, as well as using UML to describe overall design of a system or process.


  • Analysis using unit & regression methods.


  • ITIL & ITSM principles and best practices.


Skills and Abilities: 

  • Understand & use T-SQL, XML, OLEDB, and ODBC.


  • Understand & use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio & Microsoft Visual Studio on a Microsoft stack.


  • Understand & use Business Intelligence components such as SSRS, SSIS & BI on a Microsoft stack.


  • Basic systems administration capabilities on modern Microsoft Windows OS, Microsoft SQL, & Microsoft IIS.


  • Storage and versioning of DBMS schema via Git.


  • Microsoft Office suite applications including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and Visio.



  • Understand, identify, and plan for the business process impact of planned or existing system changes while ensuring that new technical requirements are properly integrated with business processes.


  • Thrive in an environment where peer review is used to determine viability of a solution or process.


  • Perform algorithm analysis against a business process or auditing requirement in search of rational efficiencies.


  • Maintain documentation for a solution or process that is in sync with the needs of management, team members & end users.


  • Effectively & consistently use an issue tracking system while organizing and prioritizing a constantly changing workload.  Must be able to work with minimal supervision and continual interruption.  Must be able to function with a high degree of independence within levels of delegated authority.


  • Use independent judgment in the research and recommendation of application design decisions before making appropriate recommendations to management, team members and end users.


  • Establish and maintain a good working relationship with AHFC personnel, contractors, customers, consultants, suppliers and vendors.  Interpersonal skills will be utilized on a daily basis through interaction with a diverse cross-section of people and organizations.


  • Read & understand written material, interpret & apply rules. Must be able to write clearly and prepare documents as required by management, team members & end users. 


  • Continually learn, adapt, and apply new technology skills to stay current with emerging or existing IT archetypes.


  • Work as needed.  Long hours and/or weekend work may be required as necessary to support department goals and objectives.  Must be able to travel as needed.


Minimum Requirements


Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma required.


  • Degree requirements:
    • Database Administrator I / II:
    • Associate’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or closely related field.


  • Database Administrator III / IV:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or closely related field.
  • Degree must be from an institution accredited by one of the six regional accreditation boards and or the AACSB:
    • MSA – Middle States Association
    • NASC – Northwest Association of Schools & Colleges
    • NCA – North Central Association of Colleges & Schools
    • NEASC – New England Association of Schools & Colleges
    • SACS – Southern Association of Colleges & Schools
    • WASC – Western Association of Schools & Colleges
    • AACSB- Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
  • Experience:
    • The Database Administrator I position requires at least one (1) year full-time (35+ hr/week) work experience consistent with the KSAs of this job description within the last two (2) years.
    • The Database Administrator II position requires at least two (2) years full-time (35+ hr/week) work experience consistent with the KSAs of this job description within the last four (4) years.
    • The Database Administrator III position requires at least four (4) years full-time (35+ hr/week) work experience consistent with the KSAs of this job description within the last six (6) years.
    • The Database Administrator IV position requires at least six (6) years full-time (35+ hr/week) work experience consistent with the KSAs of this job description within the last eight (8) years.


  • Completion of formal continuing education and or professional technical certifications relevant to the KSAs for this job description within the last four (4) years.


  • Provide valid Alaska driver's license and show proof of driving record in good standing from DMV when requested.



  • Qualifying work experience may be substituted for required educational requirements on a year for year basis at the discretion of the hiring authority.
  • International degrees can be evaluated at the discretion of the hiring authority.


This is a level 18 - 21 position (DOE) with a monthly salary (DOE).  Excellent benefits package.


All external applicants tentatively selected for this position will be required to submit to urinalysis and breath alcohol testing to screen for illegal drug/alcohol use.


A complete job description and online application may be obtained from the website at new AHFC application must be submitted for each position (a resume may be attached). 








AHFC provides employment opportunities to low and very-low income persons, in compliance with Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968. Public Housing Residents are encouraged to apply.