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Corporate Values:  Integrity, Respectful, Leadership, Sustainable


Position Summary:  Responsible for coordinating the delivery of shared corporate services to other departments. Manages people, resources, work flow, activities, and the necessary paper work. Manages, organizes, and updates relevant data using multiple database applications.  This position is to develop, implement, track, monitor, train, and maintain, a variety of services necessary for uninterrupted corporate business.


This job description encompasses three separate Administrative Services Manager positions that will cross train and provide backup support to each other.


Reports to:  Administrative Services Officer



SUPERVISION RECEIVED AND EXERCISED:  Exempt, supervisory position.



Supervise staff responsible for providing relevant information to all departments about the Corporation’s risk management policies and procedures, in order that department managers may assure the proper protection of employees, customers, visitors, and corporate assets.   The position works to conduct research and make recommendations regarding appropriate risk management activities.


Example of DUTIES

Manages efforts to prevent and/or reduce the risks of loss related to unsafe working conditions, employee accidents or injuries, or other potential claims against AHFC.


Identifies circumstances that could cause a claim against, or financial loss to AHFC.  Examines alternatives to handle the risks by reducing loss exposures, and minimizes effects after a loss occurs.


Identifies opportunities for AHFC to provide improved working conditions for staff and safer housing for tenants.  Acts as a liaison with all departments to assure each department understands their responsibility to actively promote safety and accident prevention programs.


Directs and manages a loss control program, communicates with and gains cooperation of other AHFC departments, effectively utilizes outside loss control expertise.  Determines liability for loss, assesses claim values, identifies, interprets and applies applicable provisions of laws and contracts.


Establishes reasonable limits of insurance coverage and levels of retention consistent with exposure. Negotiates, purchases, renews, revises and cancels policy coverage consistent with the direction of management and financial requirements of the Corporation.


Collects and maintains certificates of insurance, provides statistical information as required to meet insurance contract requirements.


Develops, implements and monitors employee safety, fleet safety and property conservation programs. Directs the work of risk management staff and/or outside consultants to assure effective loss control activities consistent with department objectives.

Prepares draft scope of services to solicit for office lease space, appraisal services, claim repairs, and other risk management services.  Serves as contract administrator once contracts are in place.


Acts as a liaison with commercial public/private sector landlords to ensure adequate leased facilities. These may include maintaining building leases, security, fire safety and insuring compliance with ADA requirements.


Serves as Corporate ADA administrator.  Assure ADA compliance within all AHFC owned and/or occupied sites.  Provides appropriate ADA information and assistance to AHFC visitors and staff.


Coordinates the relocation of personnel and corporate office space, including the preparation of specifications to procure lease space, the construction of tenant improvements, installation of data and telecommunication lines and other incidental tasks.


Authorizes the payment of insurance premiums and other risk management services; allocates equitable distribution of premiums, costs and losses among all departments/projects.


Serves as a liaison between the Corporation and insurance broker of record regarding all insurance matters including automobile, property, liability, flood, workers’ compensation, mortgage protection, and other coverage as applicable.


Maintains and secures a central file of original corporate contracts, agreements, titles, deeds, and establish audit procedures. 


Works with Procurement and other departments to assure that adequate insurance and indemnity language is included in all applicable purchase orders, contracts, leases, and grant agreements.


Maintains an accurate and timely record of all claims against the Corporation, including workers’ compensation, general liability, or other matters. 


Responsible for AHFC employee safety, prevention, protection, and education program in compliance with OSHA standards, including a comprehensive workplace safety-training program, which will be administered by the appropriate department supervisors.


Maintains incident reports, coordinates the investigations and evaluations of claims, responds to and resolves complaints and claims within delegated levels of authority.  Works closely with involved parties and AHFC’s Third Party Administer.  Acts as the corporate liaison with complainants, the Attorney General’s office, insurers of record, or other interested parties.


Conducts safety inspections of AHFC facilities.  Investigates questionable conditions, timely notifies appropriate managers, prepares safety reports, documents circumstances and incidents, and conducts timely follow-up to assure resolution of problems.


Monitors and maintains key card security systems.


Monitors records of all corporate incidents related to the spillage, cleanup, and regulatory compliance of hazardous waste and materials. Works with DEC, if necessary.


Maintains the Corporate emergency plan for the AHFC Emergency Team.   Coordinates with local staff, fire, police, or other governmental agencies that may have jurisdiction over corporate offices and activities to maintain updated emergency response policies and procedures for all AHFC owned and/or occupied sites.


Ensures that appropriate staff at each corporate office is trained, and properly certified, in CPR techniques, first aid, safe driving practices, respirator use, ergonomic issues, and the handling of hazardous materials and equipment.


Supervises, and assists support staff. Monitor overall work flow, make changes or staffing adjustments.  Approve overtime, personal leave, and complete timely performance evaluations in accordance with department goals and AHFC personnel rules and procedures.  Develop and/or supervise the development and maintenance of internal procedures for administrative services functions.


Performs assignments independently at full working level with direction from Supervisor for policy, non-routine, problematic or sensitive situations.


Establishes and preserves a positive working relationship with AHFC's business partners, clients & customers; other AHFC departments.


Assures the department manages duties in a manner consistent with applicable regulations, policy, procedures and ethics rules. 


Prepares training on Risk/Safety/Compliance/Insurance/Travel/Procurement/JADE or other topics and conducts the training to groups of AHFC Contractors, Grantees, or AHFC staff.


Manages, leads and motivates a skilled technical staff and create a team environment.  Applies principles and techniques of management to plan, coordinate, and direct staff, makes timely decisions, and takes appropriate action.


Develops and maintains department Intranet and Internet sites.  Includes information on the Intranet to assist AHFC staff and information on the Internet to assist other interested parties that may want to do business with AHFC.


Coordinates with other departments to ensure compliance with established polices such as Records Retention Schedules, Emergency and Business Continuity Plans, Internal Control Practices, and Travel. Posts relevant documentation to intranet.


Conducts discussions and negotiations with maintenance, contractors, consultants, property managers, insurance broker and vendors.


Attends applicable meetings at the corporate level to assure department data management is consistent with, or exceeds requirements of, the Corporation, HUD and DOE.  Meetings may include the payables and travel systems, or other designated committees.


Prepares annual department budget and document submittal.


Receives, accounts for, and authorizes expenditures within limits of delegated authority. Monitors department costs and expenses to assist in budget preparation.

Determines department supply and equipment needs, priorities.  Ensures department compliance with procurement regulations and procedures.


Conducts routine department audits of procedures, record-keeping activities to assure uniformity, compliance with Department and Corporate policy.


Administers the delivery of shared corporate services to other AHFC departments.


Develops and prepares monthly management reports to track all activity within the department.  Reports include an ongoing status report along with historical information.


Obtains titles and registrations for all corporate vehicles, maintain vehicle files.  Provides information to managers, assigned drivers regarding vehicle policies and procedures, including reporting of vehicle accidents.


Plans, organizes and directs special projects as requested by the Administrative Services Officer or Administrative Services Director.

Serves as appropriate corporate officer responding to and issuing written determination to protests/appeals.


Develops and maintains detailed desktop policy and procedures manuals for the use of department staff. 


Other duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of: progressively more responsible experience in Risk Management sufficient to demonstrate a thorough knowledge related to the research and development of technical specifications ensure compliance with AHFC, HUD, ADA, OSHA and other applicable codes, regulations, statutes, policies and procedures; the use of negotiating skills to ensure the best interests of AHFC are analyzed and met; the ability to interpret states and regulations; and the ability to plan, direct and implement an effective Risk Management program.


Knowledge of: safety, fire prevention and security management principles, real estate and contract law; insurance policy provisions; principles of asset management and protection; techniques for claims adjustment, applicable regulations.


Knowledge of: Corporate management, contract, and business administration; efficient reporting and administrative control procedures; valid and reliable fact finding methods and procedures; efficient office management, computers, record retention and management, principles and techniques of supervision; organizational communications methods; as well as familiarity with the AHFC Corporate structure.


Knowledge of: principles and practices of public administration including management, organization, planning, budgeting, cost/benefit analysis, employee supervision, and personnel management.


Skills in: use of mainframe computer systems, personal computers and applications including Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel), Mitas, JADE, Resource Now, Origami Risk, Records Tracking, Bank Card System, telephone and switchboard etiquette, records management. 


Skills in: communication, must possess above average communication skills including public speaking, negotiating, and the ability to quickly process information and respond appropriately.  Interpersonal skills will be utilized on a daily basis through interaction with a diverse cross-section of people and organizations.


Skills in: mathematics, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions and decimals.  Computes weighted ratio, rate and percent.  Prepares and interprets management reports, charts, and graphs.


Ability to: Direct and manage a loss control program, communicate with and gain cooperation of other AHFC departments, effectively utilize outside loss control expertise.  Determine liability for loss, assess claim values, identify, interpret and apply applicable provisions of laws and contracts.


Ability to: read and understand written material, interpret and apply rules, regulations, and codes. Write clearly, prepare comprehensive documents, and keep appropriate records. Effectively manages multiple priorities and projects; prepares and monitors complex documents.


Ability to: prioritize, organize, and productively manage time to ensure compliance with numerous deadlines, work effectively under pressure, and function with a high degree of independence, comprehend written material, interpret and apply rules, regulations, codes; gather and analyze large amounts of data. Must be empathetic to the needs of and be able to work cooperatively with other AHFC departments, outside entities, and claimants. 


Ability to: engage in strategic and reflective thinking; adapts quickly to changing business and customer needs. 


Ability to: travel on short notice, and/or on a frequent basis.  Regular use of the employee’s privately owned vehicle is anticipated.


Ability to: work with minimal supervision and be able to function with a high degree of independence within levels of delegated authority. 

Minimum Requirements


Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from an accredited college or university, and three years of experience direct responsibility in risk management, with at least two (2) years progressive supervisory experience to include hiring, evaluating, disciplinary actions, and training.


Substitution:  Additional professional experience may be substituted for required education on a year for year basis.


Current Associate in Risk Management (ARM), Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU),  or other designation determined by the State of Alaska Insurance Commissioner to demonstrate minimum competence in Risk Management, or be able to obtain one of these designations within 24 months from the date of hire.


Must be proficient in the use of mainframe computers, Microsoft Office Suite.  Applicants must demonstrate a well-developed ability to organize and maintain control over a substantial database. 


Must have a valid Alaska driver’s license and clean driving record and able to safely and properly operate a vehicle consistent with applicable laws, regulations and AHFC’s policy guidelines.


This is a level 20 position with an annual salary of $67,736.88 (26 payperiods).  Excellent benefits package.


All external applicants tentatively selected for this position will be required to submit to urinalysis and breath alcohol testing to screen for illegal drug/alcohol use.


A complete job description and online the website at new AHFC application must be submitted for each position (a resume may be attached). 









AHFC provides employment opportunities to low and very-low income persons, in compliance with Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968. Public Housing Residents are encouraged to apply.