Housing Program Specialist I (Anchorage) Job#22-7306


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Public Housing
United States of America




Corporate Values:  Integrity, Respectful, Leadership, Sustainable


Position Summary:  Responsible for housing assistance administrative support


Reports to:  Asset Supervisor, FIC Supervisor, Supervisory Housing Program Specialist or Regional Manager




The incumbent of this position must have the ability to listen and communicate with a diverse group of individuals and must demonstrate excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. The incumbent must be able to handle irate and/or difficult persons with tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity. The incumbent must be able to determine priorities and manage multiple projects commensurate with Housing Authority standards. The incumbent must be able to work independently and as part of a team.


SUPERVISION RECEIVED AND EXERCISED:  Non-exempt, non-supervisory position.


Examples of Duties

The incumbent of this position is responsible for assisting the Supervisor in the administration of rental assistance program(s) for low-income clientele. The incumbent may be working in one, or all, of the following programs: Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, or Section 8 New Multifamily Housing. This includes, but is not limited to, the following duties:


  • Ensuring at least “standard” performance under HUD’s assessment system indicators:
    • AHFC-Owned Housing:
      • Physical condition of the units, buildings, and systems;
      • Financial condition of the property;
      • Management performance of the property;
      • Resident satisfaction.
    • Privately-Owned Housing:
      • Proper application of subsidy and payment standards;
      • Proper determination of income and family contribution;
      • Adherence to Housing Quality Standards (HQS);
      • Prompt payment to owners.


  • Carrying out the work of the program in a manner that complies with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and AHFC policies and procedures related to:
    • Civil and Disability rights;
    • Procurement of goods and services;
    • Rental integrity;
    • Data privacy laws.


  • Maintaining the financial health of the program, including responsibilities for:
    • Minimizing vacant units days and vacancy loss;
    • Assisting with tracking of monthly and year-to-date income and expenditures;
    • Assisting with monitoring of cash flow at the properties;
    • Acceptance of rent, daily cash balancing and deposits, and appropriate entry of cash activities into AHFC computer systems;
    • Purchasing goods and services only when needed, when policies have been followed, and when funding permits;
    • Assisting with inventory control of all equipment, materials, and supplies;
    • Assembling information and assisting with preparation of reports as required.


  • Working with clients to ensure that they receive accurate and timely information, opportunities for input, and fair hearings on problems, including:
    • Providing accurate program information to prospective applicants;
    • Providing information on applicant or client grievance procedures;
    • Assisting applicants with rental housing applications;
    • Assisting applicants with scheduling appointments for interviews and inspections;
    • Treating all client information with confidentiality, diplomacy, and sensitivity;
    • Providing appropriate community resource referrals.


  • Assisting with the capital planning and redevelopment process, including:
    • Assisting Supervisor by collecting recommendations from staff about capital work needed and priorities for such work;
    • Assisting with the development of the annual capital plan.


  • Assisting in the day-to-day maintenance of the property, including:
    • Logging and monitoring the prioritization, assignment, close-out, and quality control of resident maintenance requests;
    • Reporting any hazardous conditions, inspecting common areas, hallways, community rooms, and interior hallways, and ensuring that work orders are issued to address deficiencies;
    • Inspecting units;
    • With the assistance of maintenance staff, determining when and what residents should be charged for damages and neglect beyond normal wear and tear;
    • Conducting UPCS inspections of AHFC units and documenting the results, including workability of smoke alarms;
    • Conducting HQS inspections of private units and documenting the results, including workability of smoke alarms;


  • Assisting with admissions to ensure all applicants are processed in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and AHFC policies and procedures related to:
    • Marketing and recruitment of applicants for the waiting list;
    • Making appointments, rescheduling appointments, and cancelling appointments;
    • Reviewing applications for completeness, obtaining verifications, determining eligibility, inputting applications to the AHFC computer system, establishing applicant files, briefing applicants on requirements for eligibility, providing applicants with information on privacy requirements, establishing and maintaining tenant files;
    • Processing new families, including move-in briefing, move-in inspection, calculation of pro-rated rent, regular rent, collecting security deposit and pro-rated rent, and updating AHFC’s systems with all required tenant and accounting information;
    • Providing program information at a Briefing Class.
  • Assisting with annual reexaminations and interim adjustments to compute rent timely, accurately, and in compliance with AHFC policies and procedures and HUD’s Rental Integrity Standards, including:
    • Notifying residents of their upcoming annual re-exam 90 to 120 days before the anniversary date;
    • Collecting and reviewing income, assets, and deductions in compliance with HUD RIM standards;
    • Documenting all actions properly in resident files, maintaining a high standard of file organization.


  • Assisting with enforcement of the lease fairly on all residents, including:
    • Conducting orientations for new residents to familiarize them with lease requirements;
    • Assisting with preparation and service of notices for non-payment of rent;
    • Assisting with preparation and service of notices for non-payment of charges;
    • Assisting with preparation and service of lease violation notices;
    • Assisting with preparation and processing of residents for lease termination;
    • Appearing in court for evictions and other lease enforcement actions.


  • Assisting with ensuring safety and security, including:
    • Notifying supervisor promptly of any hazardous situations to prevent accidents;
    • Assisting with enforcement of program rules, including violations of the bans on criminal activity and drug-related criminal activity;
    • Practicing good work habits in the office to ensure a safe work environment.


  • Maintaining accurate files and records, including:
    • Organizing data and files;
    • Understanding and applying regulations, rules, and instructions.
    • Comprehending written material;
    • Accurately conveying information, both orally and in writing;
    • Retrieving information from department records management system(s).


  • Assisting with preparation of monthly and annual reports, as requested.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of:  Business English and math; proper communication techniques; office practices, procedures, supplies and equipment; effective human relation concepts.  Knowledge of federal and agency regulations, policies and procedures governing assisted housing programs; and familiar with construction techniques and building codes; familiar with Housing Quality Standards.


Skills and Abilities:  Organizing data and files; understanding and applying regulations, rules and instructions; implementing and following procedures; making detailed mathematical computations; selecting and applying guidelines and procedures; basic interviewing techniques; typing (45 wpm); operate 10-key by touch; operate a personal computer.




Ability to: Comprehend written material, perform assigned tasks with minimal supervision; establish and maintain effective working relationships; understands how to find the Federal regulations and handbooks governing the programs operated; perform assigned tasks independently; organize data and compile summaries and tabulations; convey information, both orally and in writing, to a variety of individuals in understandable and precise terms; establish and maintain effective working relationships; complete required training.


Minimum Requirements


High school diploma or GED plus a minimum of two years’ experience in an office practices or property management. Office experience must include clerical duties such as typing, filing, and copying.


Basic computer experience, including electronic mail, word processing, and document preparation (Word and Excel preferred).


Must have valid Alaska Driver’s license (or be able to obtain one within five (5) calendar days of beginning employment) and show proof of good driving record, when requested.


Substitution: Related business college courses or degree may be substituted for required experience on a year for year basis.



This is a level 12 position with an annual salary of $39,402.24 (26 pay periods). Excellent benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and leave package.


All external applicants tentatively selected for this position shall be required to submit to urinalysis and breath alcohol testing to screen for illegal drug/alcohol use and complete a pre-employment physical prior to appointment.






AHFC May Offer Hybrid Teleworking Opportunities for Some Positions



AHFC provides employment opportunities to low and very-low income persons, in compliance with Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968. Public Housing Residents are encouraged to apply.