Asset Supervisor I (Kodiak) Job #22-7565


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Public Housing
United States of America



Position Summary: Responsible for the management of low income Federal and/or state public housing.






The incumbent of this position must demonstrate strong cognitive ability in assessing and evaluating problems; have capacity in determining priorities and managing multiple projects commensurate with Housing Authority standards; understand accounting principles to implement site-specific budgets. The incumbent must also have demonstrated skills in lease enforcement, maintenance supervision and budget management. Must have the ability to listen and communicate with a diverse group of individuals and must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Able to work flexible hours and be a team player.


SUPERVISION RECEIVED AND EXERCISED:  Non-exempt, supervisory position.


Examples of Duties

The incumbent of this position is responsible for the management of low income Federal and/or state public housing, including, but not limited to, the following duties:


  1. Ensuring at least “standard” performance under HUD’s assessment system indicators:
    1. Physical condition of the units, buildings and systems;
    2. Financial condition of the property;
    3. Management performance of the property;
    4. Resident satisfaction.
  2. Carrying out the work of the property in a manner that complies with all applicable Federal State and local laws, regulations, and PHA policies and procedures related to:
    1. Civil and Disability rights;
    2. Fair labor standards practices;
    3. Procurement of goods and services;
    4. Rental integrity
    5. OSHA standards;
    6. Data privacy laws.
  3. Maintaining the financial health of the property, including responsibilities for:
    1. Preparing the annual operating budget and revisions as needed;
    2. Maximizing the property’s income and minimizing expenditures consistent with preservation of the physical plant;
    3. Monitoring cash flow at the properties;
    4. Maintaining inventory control of all equipment, materials and supplies assigned to the site;
    5. Preparing or reviewing HUD financial reports as required.
  4. Directing, controlling, monitoring and evaluating the performance of all other site staff in compliance with the Personnel Policy:
    1. Organizing, scheduling, supervising and monitoring the quality and quantity of work of the site staff;
    2. Working with the Human Resources Department to recruit, hire, train, supervise, promote/demote, transfer, lay off, and terminate site staff;
    3. Enforcing performance standards for all position supervised, including monitoring performance improvement plans when warranted;
    4. Signing off on and maintaining employee time records, leave records, and over-time authorizations;
    5. Carrying out progressive discipline when needed;
    6. Working with employees to establish performance targets and appraising employee performance at least annually;
    7. Training staff as required.
  5. Working with residents to ensure that they receive accurate and timely information, opportunities for input, fair hearings on problems, and support for their ideas and activities, including:
    1. Attending Resident Council meetings when invited;
    2. Supporting Resident Council initiatives;
    3. When available, providing funding for Resident Council activities;
    4. Meeting with residents on request;
    5. Conducting informal hearings on resident grievances;
    6. Organizing annual meetings of residents to obtain input on the Capital Plan;
    7. Providing Resident Council with timely copies of the Annual Plan, Five Year Plan and any revisions to policies for review and comment.
  6. Taking part in the capital planning and redevelopment process, including:
    1. Obtaining recommendations from staff about capital work needed and priorities for such work;
    2. Participating in the development of the annual capital plan;
    3. Working with the CGP staff in carrying out capital work at the properties (including, for example, obtaining access to occupied units);
    4. Inspecting and signing off on capital work at the property prior to final payment of contractors.
  7. Maintain physical condition of the property, including:
    1. Overseeing the development of the annual, monthly and weekly maintenance calendars upon which routine and preventive maintenance activities are scheduled and work orders issued;
    2. Supervising, logging, and monitoring the prioritization, assignment, close-out, and quality control of resident maintenance requests;
    3. Ensuring 24-hour emergency maintenance service is available;
    4. Walking the property daily (rain or shine) to check for skips, curb appeal, hazardous conditions and other needs; inspecting common areas, hallways, community rooms, and interior hallways daily and ensures that work orders are issued to address deficiencies;
    5. Inspecting vacant units, assigning make-ready work, tracking make-ready time;
    6. Determining when and what residents should be charged for damages and neglect beyond normal wear and tear;  Keeping the list of “charges in addition to rent” updated and accurate;
    7. Conducts semi-annual battery replacement program;
    8. Conducting UPCS inspections of each unit, documenting the results and correcting all deficiencies, including workability of smoke alarms;
    9. Coordinating with the HUD UPCS inspector to ensure that all units are available for inspection and that all deficiencies noted are corrected within the HUD-specified timeframes.
  8. Coordinating with admissions staff to ensure prompt leasing of ready units, including:
    1. Assisting with marketing and recruitment of applicants for the waiting list;
    2. Assisting applicants in completing applications for public housing;
    3. Conducting home visits, working with admissions staff on suitability decisions, establishing and maintaining tenant files;
    4. Notifying admissions staff as soon as possible of resident intent to vacate or skip-outs;
    5. Taking appropriate steps to process the move-out of families, processing the security deposit in accordance with Alaska law and PHA policies;
    6. Ensuring that the exterior of the property, the route to the unit and the unit itself is clean and attractive prior to showing to a prospective resident;
    7. Processing new families, including move-in briefing, move-in inspection, calculation of pro-rated rent, regular rent, collecting security deposit and pro-rated rent and updating PHA’s systems with all required tenant and accounting information.
  9. Conducting annual reexaminations and interim adjustments to compute rent timely, accurately and in compliance with Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP) and HUD’s Rental Integrity Standards, including:
    1. Notifying residents of their upcoming annual reexam 90 to 120 days before the anniversary date;
    2. Verifying income and deductions in compliance with HUD RIM standards;
    3. Computing rent and determining Utility Allowances accurately;
    4. Offering all residents a choice between Income-based and Flat Rents at each Annual Reexamination;
    5. Notifying residents of rent increases at least 30 days before the recertification date;
    6. Documenting all actions properly in resident files;  maintaining a high standard of file organization;
    7. Performing interim adjustments to rent in accordance with PHA’s Lease and ACOP.
  10. Enforcing the lease firmly and fairly on all residents, including:
    1. Conducting orientations for new residents to familiarize them with lease requirements;
    2. Sending 14 day notices for non-payment of rent by the 10th calendar day of the month;
    3. Sending 30 day notices for non-payment of charges in addition to rent by the 10th calendar day of the month;
    4. Placing a resident who owes delinquent rent or charges on a repayment agreement.
    5. Filing a resident for lease termination.
    6. Processing residents for lease termination.
    7. Notifying residents promptly, in writing, of any other lease violation, working with them to resolve the violation, and, if they fail to resolve the violation, taking prompt action, up to and including lease termination, for failing to correct the violation;
    8. Appearing in court for site evictions and other lease enforcement actions;
  11. Able to draft recommended policy and procedural changes for consideration;
    1. Organizing data and files; understanding and applying regulations, rules and instructions.
    2. Comprehend written material.
    3. Convey information, both orally and in writing.
  12. Analyze data and submit reports as requested.

Other duties as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of: Business English and math; proper communication techniques; office practices, procedures, supplies and equipment; effective human relation concepts.  Knowledge of federal and agency regulations, policies and procedures governing assisted housing programs; and familiar with construction techniques and building codes; familiar with Housing Quality Standards.


Skills and Abilities: Organizing data and files; understanding and applying regulations, rules and instructions; implementing and following procedures; making detailed mathematical computations; selecting and applying guidelines and procedures; basic interviewing techniques; typing (45 wpm); operate 10-key by touch; operate a personal computer.


Ability to: Comprehend written material, perform assigned tasks with minimal supervision; establish and maintain effective working relationships; understands how to find the Federal regulations and handbooks governing the programs operated; perform assigned tasks independently; organize data and compile summaries and tabulations; convey information, both orally and in writing, to a variety of individuals in understandable and precise terms; establish and maintain effective working relationships; complete required training.


May be required to travel to rural Alaskan communities for short periods of time (generally less than one week).


Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).

Minimum Requirements


Minimum Qualifications:

High school graduate or GED, and five years of office or property management, or a combination of five years’ experience in office and property management. Property Management experience is preferred.  Office experience must include basic office management and computer experience (Word and Excel preferred).  One (1) year of the above must include some supervisory duties.


Must have valid Alaska Driver’s license (or be able to obtain one within 5 calendar days of beginning employment) and show proof of good driving record, when requested.


Must obtain a "Certified Property Manager" certificate or equivalent professional certification recognized by HUD within three years of the date of hire.


Substitution: Related business college courses or degree may be substituted for required experience on a year for year basis.





This is a level 16 position with an annual salary of $55,984.08 (26 pay periods).  Excellent benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and leave package.


All external applicants tentatively selected for this position shall be required to submit to urinalysis and breath alcohol testing to screen for illegal drug/alcohol use prior to appointment.


A complete job description and online application may be obtained from the website at new AHFC application must be submitted for each position (a resume may be attached). 





Applications will be accepted until the position is filled


AHFC provides employment opportunities to low and very-low income persons, in compliance with Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968. Public Housing Residents are encouraged to apply.



Aplications will be accepted until the position is filled