Area Manager


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Primary Purpose of Job Summary:


Oversee and supervise quality program services for children and families within his or her respective area.  Monitor programs for compliance with federal Performance Standards; state and local regulations.  Primary Purpose of Job Summary:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following.


Program Governance:


1.         Assist in recruiting volunteers to serve on the program’s Policy Council, HSAC, and other advisory committees.


2.         Assist in resolving community complaints and conduct outreach to community agencies to solicit suggestions for quality improvement.


3.         Attend Policy Council meetings to make monthly report regarding center-level operations.


4.         Attend agency’s Board of Director’s meeting in absence of the Head Start Director.



Management Systems and Procedures


1.         Assist in gathering data for the completion of the Community Assessment.


2.         Participate in the summer planning process and strategic planning sessions.


3.         Help formulate long-range program goals and short-term program and financial objectives.


4.         Hold quarterly meetings with Center Coordinators to receive suggestions and input for quality improvement.


5.         Develop and distribute a quarterly area newsletter for staff.


6.         Monitor files to ensure that all required documents are completed and only approved forms are being used.

7.         Attend the following monthly meetings:


            a.         center-level

            b.         case management

            c.          center coordinator

            d.         administrative staff


8.         Review center-level financial reports to ensure Center Coordinators are staying within their budget.


9.         Monitor ChildPlus PIR reports on a monthly basis to ensure performance indicators are being met.


10.        Participate in Program’s self-assessment process and monitor center-level operations to ensure noted deficiencies/weaknesses are corrected.


11.        Monitor in-kind on a monthly basis and offer suggestions to Center Coordinators who may be having difficulties in meeting their requirements.





1.         Supervise and monitor the job performance of Center Coordinators by:


            a.         Performing periodic file checks to ensure

            b.         Monitoring centers and classrooms on a weekly basis

            c,          Reviewing ChildPlus reports according to schedule


2.         Provide introductory and annual evaluations of Center Coordinators and use results to identify staff training and professional development needs.


3.         Advise and assist in the resolution of work-related problems and use chain of command when doing so.


4.         Monitor program activities to ensure objectives are being met.


a.         Review minutes of center-level staff meeting

b.         Review center-level reports


5.         Assist in the recruitment, hiring, and assignments of staff.


            a.         Schedule and hold job fairs

            b.         Work with local colleges to recruit applicants


6.         Provide guidance and corrective action as needed to staff and make recommendations for disciplinary action.


7.         Initiate staff morale activities for program and/or respective area.


8.         Monitor KRONOS to ensure time is updated and completed by due date for Center Coordinators as well as individual centers.

9.         Approve leave requests, monthly travel reimbursements, and out-of-area travel requests for employees under his or her supervision.


10.        Implement or schedule staff development activities or training sessions regarding supervisory issues.


11.        Receive and review required monthly paperwork from Center Coordinators.


12.        Arrange or provide for staff training when needed.


13.        Participate in orientating new staff and meet with them on a regular basis to ensure they are adjusting to their new job.


14.        Receive annual performance appraisals for all center-level employees and develop a tracking system to ensure each employee receives an evaluation as required.  





1.         Assist Head Start Director in locating appropriate facilities and assist with necessary steps to obtain license for operations.


2.         Conduct annual facility inspections using program’s facility checklist.


3.         Check centers to ensure that disaster plans are current.


4.         Monitor files to ensure that centers perform required emergency drills.


5.         Conduct weekly health and safety checks of each center.


6.         Follow DSS regulations and ensure that each center maintains a current license.





1.         Work closely with Center Coordinator and Service Liaisons to ensure that Head Start Performance Standards; state and local regulations are being met.


2.         Monitor each center’s enrollment on a weekly basis and attendance on a daily basis.


3.         Monitor each center’s recruitment efforts.


4.         Report suspected cases of child abuse according to program policy.


5.         Assist Parent Involvement Liaison in providing orientation to new parent volunteers and community volunteers.


6.         Attend all meetings and workshops designated by the Head Start Director.


7.         Maintain confidentiality at all times.

General Responsibilities:

1.         Follow the agency=s Personnel Policies and Procedures and Head Start=s Policies and Procedures.


2.         Use correct grammar and model age appropriate language by using complete sentences.


3.         Attend training sessions, such as Pre-Service, In-Service, CPR, and First Aid.

4.         Keep current and accurate records.


5.         Submit monthly reports of monitoring findings.


6.         Maintain close communication with the Head Start Director for the purpose of providing weekly telephone reports of problems or concerns and receiving directives.


7.         Perform any other work-related duties as requested by the supervisor.


Physical Demands:


1.         Standing or sitting for extended periods of time.

2.         Lifting children weighing up to forty-five (45) pounds.

3.         Bending at the waist, kneeling, or crouching to maintain direct eye contact with children.

4.         Sitting on the floor and in preschool chairs.

5.         Driving agency vehicle, including school bus.

6.         Walking or running quickly.

7.         Seeing and dexterity of hands and fingers.




For effectiveness of program operations in respective area.


Supervisory Responsibilities: 

Supervisory Responsibilities: 

Direct:  Center Coordinators

Indirect:  Center-Level employees




Master or Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, or a closely related degree.  Minimum of five years of supervision, administration, or management experience.  Will accept a combination of education and experience commensurate with the job description.


Valid South Carolina Driver's License required.  Must obtain Commercial Driver’s License in 90 days.


Equipment and Machines:


Computer with knowledge of word processing and general modern office equipment.


Working Conditions:


50% of time must be spent in the field.

Additional Comments:

Additional Comments:

Must have ability to communicate with a variety of people and work independently, and maintain strict confidentiality of program data.  Must be cooperative and display a positive attitude towards working with supervisor and other staff members.  Must exercise discretion and sound judgment in the performance of assigned duties.


This position assumes a team relationship with other program components.

Minimum Requirements




Master or Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, or a closely related degree.  Minimum of five years of supervision, administration, or management experience.  Will accept a combination of education and experience commensurate with the job description.


Valid South Carolina Driver's License required.  Must obtain Commercial Driver’s License in 90 days.


The mission of GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Incorporated, a community-based organization, is to work in partnership with our community to deliver quality services, assistance, and opportunities to eligible customers with emphasis placed on education, employment, and developing self-sufficiency.