Deputy Sheriff - Adult Corrections

Date Posted:
Patrol & Public Safety Operations
Pay Rate:
Salary Minimum: $48,710.00 to Salary Maximum $76,719.00 (Effective July 2, 2023)
Employment Status:
Law Enforcement/Sheriff's Office

Employees in this position are responsible for the care and proper handling of inmates and the safety and security of the facility. Employees in this position are expected to perform his or her duties according to state and federal laws and the policies and procedures of the Adult or Juvenile Detention Center and the Blount County Sheriff’s Office. Instructions are based on standardized guidelines although the employee may be frequently required to use independent judgment to complete tasks.


(The examples may not include all of the duties which may be performed or required.)                              

  • Serving warrants and other court processes on inmates.
  • Maintain and supervise inmates in a controlled humane environment, assisting in the distribution of meals and medications in the various housing units.
  • Interact with public by telephone and in-person in reference to correctional matters.
  • Assist in scheduled and unscheduled head counts of inmates in order to obtain accurate physical counts, and completing appropriate forms and reporting procedures relating to counts and inmate location.
  • Control, direct, and monitor activity and movement of inmates within and outside the secured facility, ensuring the security and safety of inmates, staff, and the public.
  • Coordinate, direct, and instruct inmate work crews and details to ensure proper completion of work.
  • Intervene in and control acts of negative behavior and violence in order to maintain security and safety of inmates and staff by instructing inmates and/or by using physical force such as restraints or other devices as prescribed by policies and procedures.
  • Conduct visual surveillance of the interior and exterior of the secure facility by monitoring vehicle and foot traffic entering and leaving the secure facility to detect abnormal or suspicious activity, or to detect inappropriate behavior, and to maintain safety and security of inmates, staff, and the public.
  • Inspect persons and articles prior to their admission into the secure facility in order to ensure proper authorization for entry in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  • Process through the intake area of the facility new inmates who have been brought into the facility by arresting officers, from other jurisdictions, from court, or who have turned themselves in as a result of court or other legal action.
  • Fingerprint, photograph, conduct initial classification interview, and enter pertinent information on the Adult or Juvenile Detention Center Blotter and the computer system on all new arrivals into the facility, ensuring their safety and medical well being as well as the safety of staff.
  • Secure new arrivals’ personal property (including valuables such as money, jewelry, etc.) in compliance with Adult or Juvenile Detention Center policies and procedures.
  • Coordinate the bonding process (if applicable), collecting cash bonds, or working with bail bondsmen to secure the release of new inmates, or dressing out new arrivals for housing in the general population.
  • Perform random and specific search and inspection of inmates and visitors to prevent the introduction of contraband into the facility.
  • Search inmate housing areas, general areas of the facility, and inmate personal property for weapons and contraband by following Adult or Juvenile Detention Center policies and procedures.
  • Maintain the proper use, control, and accountability of keys, tools, kitchen utensils, and other equipment by following established policies and procedures in order to maintain the safety and security of the Adult or Juvenile Detention Center, inmates, and staff.
  • Inspect doors and locks for damage and check windows, walls, fire suppression equipment, ceilings, stairways, etc., for damage or possible breach of security in order to maintain safety and security of the facility, inmates, staff, and the public.
  • Operate Sheriff’s Office vehicles in transporting inmates or conducting Adult or Juvenile Detention Center business including use of the litter crew vehicles.
  • Write reports pertaining to occurrences and/or incidents, or disciplinary reports detailing incorrect inmate behavior or violation of facility rules and regulations as detailed in the Inmate Handbook and in compliance with Adult or Juvenile Detention Center policies and procedures.
  • Process inmate mail and packages by collecting, inspecting, and distributing it in accordance with Adult of Juvenile Detention Center policies and procedures.
  • Brief supervisors and/or relief staff regarding occurrences and areas of concern to make them aware of a situation(s) or so they can take appropriate action.
  • Monitor special areas of the secure facility such as the kitchen, stores, visitation, etc., and take appropriate action to maintain established sanitary, health, safety, and security standards.
  • Operate communication devices such as two-way radios, telephones, etc., to convey information among personnel and to refer callers to appropriate persons or functions of the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Answer questions of inmates and visitors concerning rules, regulations, and procedures of the facility.
  • Provide basic first-aid and life saving services, including CPR
  • Supervise a litter crew used for the collection of trash on county roads under the supervision of the Shift Supervisor and general direction from the Keep Blount Beautiful organization through the Chief Deputy’s office.
  • Performs related work as required.
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age;
  • Be a citizen of the United States;
  • Possess a state approved G.E.D. (certificate) or high school diploma;
  • Not have been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, or entered a plea of nolo contendere to any felony charge or to any violation of any federal or state laws or municipal ordinances relating to force, violence, theft, dishonesty, gambling, liquor, controlled substances or controlled substance analogues;
  • Not have been released or discharged under any other than honorable discharge from any of armed forces of the United States;
  • Have his/her fingerprints on file with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation;
  • Have passed a physical examination by a licensed physician;
  • Have a good moral character as determined by a thorough investigation conducted by our office;
  • Have been certified by a Tennessee licensed health care provider qualified in the psychiatric or psychological field as being free from any impairment, as set forth in the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association at the time of the exam, that would, in the professional judgment of the examiner, affect the person’s ability to perform an essential function of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation;
  • Must have a valid Tennessee Driver’s License;
  • Must have passed entry level exam – Correctional Officer Test (CO-EL 101);
  • Must be certified under Tennessee Correctional Institute of Department of Children’s Services rules and regulations as established in Tennessee Codes Annotated within the first year of employment;

If duty post requires, certified under P.O.S.T. requirements as established in the Tennessee Codes Annotated.

Physical Requirements:

  • Close vision, distance vision, ability to adjust focus, depth perception, color perception, night vision and peripheral vision.
  • Vocal communication is required for conveying detailed or important instructions to others accurately, loudly or quickly. 
  • Hearing is required to receive detailed information through oral communications and/or to make fine distinctions in sound. 


Screening & Selection Process FOR DEPUTY SHERIFF POSITIONS  – Essential Elements Include:

Application - Those who successfully submit a completed application for a Deputy Sheriff position may progress in the screening process, which includes the following:

--Invitation to test:  Written exam (pass/fail) + physical exercise (NOT pass/fail). Applicants who pass the written exam will continue in the screening process. Applicants who do not pass the written exam will be given one additional opportunity to take and pass the exam within 3 months.

--Completion + timely submission of all required forms and documents (including HS diploma/GED certificate, birth certificate, current valid driver license, current Social Security card, DD-214 with Honorable Discharge (for those with former military service), Personal History Statement and various authorization forms and other information requested by BCSO.

--Panel interview

--Background investigation + NCIC criminal check + credit check 

(a) Applicants who fail to successfully complete any of the items above will not progress further in the process but may reapply after one year.

(b) Applicants who successfully complete all of the items above (with results satisfactory to BCSO) will be evaluated for continuation in the process. Those not selected to continue at that time will be notified via email.

(c) Applicants who are disqualified  (e.g., those with a felony conviction, DUI conviction, illegal drug use within certain timeframes, those who admit to felony conduct but were not charged, etc.) are not eligible to reapply unless and until convictions are expunged.

Contingent Offer of Employment – Applicants selected to continue in the process will receive a contingent offer of probationary employment conditioned upon successful completion of the following:

--Pre-polygraph exam questionnaire

--Polygraph examination

--Medical/physical exam – Pass/fail

--Drug screen – Pass/fail

--Psychological evaluation – Pass/fail

Applicants who fail to successfully complete any ”post-contingent offer letter”  items above (to the satisfaction of BCSO) will not progress further in the process.  Applicants who successfully complete all of the items above (to the satisfaction of BCSO) will receive an offer of employment (assuming a funded, open position exists at that time). Applicants who receive and accept an offer of employment will be required to attend and successfully complete state-required and BCSO-required training, orientation, Field Training (“FTO”), and will be on probation during the first 12 months of employment.

You have already read online all elements of the selection process, our policy for reapplication and retesting. 

Please note that the Application process for all positions with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office is a very lengthy process that can be affected by a number of uncontrollable criteria. This selection process could take a minimum of four to five months to complete.

Applicants should also note that sensitive, private or confidential aspects of your personal life will be explored.


Full time benefits include medical, prescription, dental, vision, FSA, HSA, optional USAble, paid holidays, paid sick days, paid vacation, EAP, retirement planning, pension, employee clinic, employee discounts, and more.


As champions of Blount County, our work is guided by our core values. The foundation of these values are built upon collaboration, service and commitment, equity and inclusion, and trust. We strive to infuse our values into every action we take, both internally and with the communities we serve.